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How do I get my Driver License/REAL ID/State ID at Barnes Tag Agency?
If you need a Driver license, state ID or Real ID come see us and join our new VIRTUAL LINE. We do not take appointments and take walk-ins only. When you arrive please check into the kiosk on your LEFT and enter your name and cell phone number. You will get a text message confirming you are signed up for the line. You are then free to go run errands and we will text you when you are 4th in line asking you to return to our tag agency so we may process your credentials. Please promptly return so we may serve you. You can check your status in line by tapping the link in your text message.

Please be aware that we are limited to one driver’s license machine and there is a maximum number of customers we are able to process each day.
• If you arrive in the morning hours and the kiosk line is closed, please wait 10-20 minutes and as other customers are helped then the kiosk will reopen to allow new customers to join the line.
• If you arrive at 12pm or later and the kiosk line is closed, it means that the maximum number of customers that can be served in a business day are already waiting in the virtual line. Our Driver license line will reopen the next business day at 8am.
• We do not offer Driver license services on Saturday
If you need help, please ask one of our staff for assistance.


If you want a REAL ID Oklahoma Driver License (also known as a REAL ID Compliant Driver License), then you will need to bring documentation mandated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Please click on the button below for a full list of the required documentation. Please read the content carefully to ensure we are able to process your license when you arrive. 

If you have already obtained an Oklahoma REAL ID Driver License then you do not need to bring documentation with you to renew, you only need your license. 

IF YOU ARE NEW TO OKLAHOMA OR HAVE NEVER HAD AN OKLAHOMA DRIVER LICENSE, OR YOUR LICENSE IS MORE THAN 3 YEARS EXPIRED, then you must go to the of the Department of Public Safety Offices to get an Oklahoma license.  

Service Oklahoma website for REAL ID requirements.

Additional Licensing Services Information


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